Jun. 5th, 2017

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Dear Senator Johnson:

If the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency have shown us anything, it is that ignorance is neither harmless nor innocent. Ignorance is destructive and dangerous, and the more power it has, the more dangerous it becomes. Donald Trump must be removed from office, not only because he is clearly colluding with Russia, but because he is equally clearly incompetent. Trump is not competent to be President of the United States, and in his ignorance, and the fear and hatred that his ignorance engenders, he has already done incalculable harm to America: to her people, to her relationships with her allies, to her land and air and water. And he plans to do more harm and greater harm, in the service of nothing but himself.

There are so many things I'm angry about that I had to make a list:

1. The continuing efforts to repeal the ACA.

2. Trump's incredibly stupid decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. And your support for his decision does not make me happy, either.

3. His equally stupid attempts to use Pittsburgh and Detroit as symbols of his "putting America first," when both those cities were overwhelmingly against him in the election and are overwhelmingly in favor of America participating in the Paris agreement. And are both prime examples of why the Paris agreement is necessary.

4. The deaths of Second Lieutenant Richard Collins III, Sergeant First Class Rick Best, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, and the failure of the Trump administration to call their murders what they are: white supremacist terrorism, committed by Americans on American soil.

5. Trump's plans to privatize air traffic control. Senator Johnson, I know you are a loyal Republican, but even so, surely you can see that privatization never works.

6. Trump's Tweets about the terrorist attack in London, and the breath-taking irresponsibility and ignorance they show.

7. Kim Weaver's decision to withdraw from the Iowa House race because of retaliatory measures taken against her by Iowa state officials and because of death threats.

8. The budget cuts being imposed on vital parts of the federal government, like the EPA.

9. The White House's failure to recognize LGBT Pride Month.

10. The ongoing efforts of officials who have recused themselves from the investigation into collusion with Russia to control that very investigation.

11. The increasing number of states passing voter restriction laws. They don't prevent voter fraud, because there isn't any. They don't prevent electoral fraud, because they're focused on the wrong people. All they do is prevent American citizens from voting, and that is absolutely heinous. Voting rights should be coterminous with citizenship, and every elected official and representative in America should be trying to get more people to exercise their constitutional rights, not fewer. I am 100% in favor of electoral reform, but it needs not to focus on the voters. The voters aren't the problem. (See #7 above.)

12. The North Dakota pipeline and the treatment of the protesters.

13. Trump's attempt to undercut the status of our National Monuments with Executive Order 13792.

I don't suppose I need to go on. We both know that you won't read this letter. I am writing anyway, because I--perhaps stupidly--continue to believe in the Constitution and American democracy. Which leads me to the final thing I wanted to bring up: your failure to hold a Town Hall meeting during this Congressional recess. Republicans nationwide are choosing to avoid their constituents during the recess, and I have to ask: if you aren't willing to face their anger, why are you willing to support legislation that makes them so angry? How does this count as representing your constituents?

I post all of my letters to you on my blog. Full disclosure: they are open letters, and I won't stop writing them.


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