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The Table of Contents for The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2014 has been announced, and "To Die for Moonlight" made the list.

Since it is the only thing I published last year, I am obviously EXTREMELY HAPPY about this. Many thanks to Lynne and Michael and Apex Magazine for giving my werewolves a home.
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This is the blog of Sarah Monette/Katherine Addison, a professional writer of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Sarah Monette is my real name; Katherine Addison is a pen name, intended to be transparent.

If you've found me here, odds are pretty good you're looking for something to read, so the following is--to the best of my knowledge--a complete list of everything I've written that's available online:

Unread Book Challenge )
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My spies, a.k.a. [ profile] mirrorthaw, tell me that "Coyote Gets His Own Back" came in second in Apex Magazine's 2012 Story of the Year Readers Poll, behind tied-for-first-place Alethea Kontis and Katharine Duckett.

This has reminded me that I should make a post about the things I published in 2012. So here you go:
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1. I have work again. Yay!

2. Clarkesworld: Year Three is now available (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). "White Charles" is in it if you're trying to find print versions of the uncollected Booth stories, and in general Clarkesworld is made of awesome.

3. This month's Apex Magazine is Shakespeare-centric; I contributed an essay about Hamlet and the Reformation, "Welcome to the Reformation, Bitches," which explains why pepole saying Hamlet's fatal flaw is indecision gives me a homicidal nervous tic.
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(0. Yes, it is too hot for capslock.)
1. Yes, the new book will be published under my pen name, Katherine Addison.
2. No, I don't know when it's going to be published. Trust me, I will let you know as soon as I can.
3. The July issue of Apex Magazine has stories by Ken Liu, Kij Johnson, Alec Austin, and me. My story is "Coyote Gets His Own Back." Please feel free to spread the word!

5 things

May. 3rd, 2012 06:38 pm
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1. You know the faces people make when they're about to sneeze? Horses do that, too.

2. Sold "Coyote Gets His Own Back" to Apex Magazine & reprint rights for "The Watcher in the Corners" to Ghosts: Recent Hauntings, edited by Paula Guran.

3. Also, because I failed abysmally to blog on the actual launch day, Chicks Dig Comics is out! I contributed an essay on revenge tragedy and Sandman.

4. If arthropods give you a wiggins, DO NOT CLICK THROUGH to the story about the Cincinnati Zoo's Emperor Scorpion and her twenty-five babies. Seriously. Don't. Instead, may I suggest Point Defiance Zoo's unbelievably charming clouded leopard cubs?

5. Speaking of things I failed abysmally to mention, congratulations to all the 2012 Hugo nominees!
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1. The new Shadow Unit episode, "Hope Is Stronger Than Love," is up. I wrote it.

If you've been wondering about whether you might like Shadow Unit, this episode is pretty self-contained, so it might be a good one to try. (The first taste is freeee-eeeee ... Of course, so are the second, third, and fourth tastes, in this case.)

2. Cons I will be attending in 2012:
  • Odyssey Con
  • WisCon
  • Fourth Street
  • WorldCon

Dunno how much I'll be doing at any of 'em--per day job: I don't rate paid vacaction yet, and have found that I may or may not have much brain left on the weekends--but I'll be there.

3. My editor says not to worry about those extra 20,000 words, so I'm suddenly quite close to being able to turn the damn book in. Not quite there yet, but close.

4. I wrote an essay for Chicks Dig Comics, along with a bunch of amazing women.

5. Acupuncture brings Teh Awesome. That is all.
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I'm not going to make it to five, but have a couple things that are better than my virus:

1. Lightspeed Magazine's free ebook sampler includes my story "The Devil in Gaylord's Creek."

2. The Taronga Zoo, which continues to have the world's most awesome animated logo, has a video of their three Sumatran tiger cubs (plus mom) which put some color back in my world.
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As the new year begins, my story "Blue Lace Agate" is live at Lightspeed. (Author interview here.) "Blue Lace Agate" is chronologically the first story about Mick and Jamie, the protagonists of "A Night in Electric Squidland" and "Impostors" (in Somewhere Beneath Those Waves), and I'm delighted that it has finally found a home.

ETA: Also, Mateusz Skutnik has a charming little New Year's game which I commend to your attention.

Although I don't usually write year-in-review posts, after the year I've just had, I really do feel the need to sit down and take stock (4,691 irradiated haggis, check).


2011 in bullet points )

As 2012 begins, I'm going to full-time as a database thrall, and we'll see what effect that has on my health and my writing.

Goals for 2012 (note to self: do not mistype as "gaols," please) include:
  • finish The Goblin Emperor
  • write An Apprentice to Elves [with [ profile] matociquala]
  • finish Thirdhop Scarp and write this backlog of Booth stories
  • write a bunch of other short stories
  • maybe start on this novel that is twining seductively around my ankles
  • blog more

Happy New Year! May 2012 be a better year for all of us than 2011!

5 things

Dec. 6th, 2011 08:16 pm
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1. The ebook of Somewhere Beneath Those Waves is available from Weightless Books.

2. Apex 31 includes my Booth story, "The Yellow Dressing Gown" (originally published in Weird Tales by the fabulous Ann Vandermeer).

3. Over on the Whatever, John Scalzi is hosting threads for authors to promote their own works as holiday gifts. If you're looking for ideas, I commend the Whatever Shopping Guide 2011 to you.

4. The pictures of these African Sulcata tortoises and their progeny fill me with delight.

5. We are still worried about our Jellicle Ninja. Good thoughts appreciated.
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1. The Jellicle Ninja is doing much better. Thank you for all your kind wishes!
2. Brit Mandelo has reviewed Somewhere Beneath Those Waves for
3. Apex Magazine will be reprinting "The Yellow Dressing Gown" in their 31st issue.
4. I still like my job as a database thrall.
5. The horse continues to be a good horse. A goofy, exasperating horse, but a good horse nonetheless.
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My story "Why Do You Linger?" (from the [ profile] elisem necklace of that name) will appear in Subterranean 8 (the last print issue of Subterranean, which is appearing some four years after the magazine went online), in the excellent company of stories by Michael Marshall Smith, Tim Lebbon, and John Scalzi.
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"The Devil in Gaylord's Creek" is live at Fantasy Magazine.

ETA: It's also available as a podcast at the same link, read by Emily Janice Card.
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Fantasy Magazine's May issue (#50) includes my story, "The Devil in Gaylord's Creek." The story will be online on May 16 (don't worry, I'll post the link then) or you can buy the complete issue for $2.99. Or you can buy a subscription through Weightless Books.

(And check out Issue 50's stunningly beautiful cover art!)

Also, Fantasy Magazine has announced the results of its 2010 Readers' Poll. "After the Dragon" took first place. (!!!!!) Second was Nathaniel Williams' "Tenientes," and third Paul Berger's "Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory."

I am delighted and amazed that "After the Dragon" is #1. Thank you to everyone who helped put it there. Also, thank you to Fantasy Magazine for the vegan truffles. They are indeed much tastier than a World Fantasy Award.
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1. I should mention that OddCon was awesome. I'm no good at con reports (fellow GoH [ profile] robin_d_laws is blogging his con experience, though), but I had a wonderful time. Thank you, Odyssey Con!

2. My friend Marissa Lingen ([ profile] mrissa) has just made her eightieth short fiction sale. (Yes, that's eightieth--80--not eighth.)

3. Today is Carol Emshwiller's ninetieth birthday. Happy birthday, Carol!

4. Drabblecast is doing [ profile] matociquala and my story "Boojum," which--for those of you playing along at home--is set in the same universe as "Mongoose." Drabblecast 202 is Part I.

5. Taronga Zoo in Sydney has a baby red panda.


Mar. 14th, 2011 07:43 pm
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"To Die for Moonlight" (the Booth and werewolves novelette that begins "I cut off her head before I buried her") to Arkham House for the 2012 anthology An Arkham Garland: An Anthology of Macabre Stories.

(Arkham House! OMG!)

MEGAN ARKENBERG! This means you are finally going to get your bonus from last year's fundraiser. Please contact me ASAP if your land address has changed. Otherwise, watch the skies! ... Er, I mean, your mailbox.
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The Ben Jonson Memorial Fundraiser will take place on February 2, 2011 (Ben's birthday). All proceeds will go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital's Companion Animal Fund.

Please spread the word!

I will be selling:

  • 1 copy of Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 42.1 (Winter 2002), which contains my sole academic article, "Speaking and Silent Women in Upon Appleton House": $5
  • 1 copy of Concussed, from Concussion (Eastercon 2006), which includes stuff from a whole bunch of cool people--M. John Harrison, Hal Duncan, Elizabeth Hand, Jay Lake, Jo Walton, Elizabeth Wein, etc.--and "Toward a Praxis of World-Building," which is a reprint of a couple blog posts of mine: $5
  • 1 copy of Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction 10 (Winter 2006-2007), containing my novelette "Amante Dorée," about a transsexual prostitute/spy in an AU New Orleans: $5
  • 1 copy of The Queen in Winter (New York: Berkley Books, 2006)--fantasy/romance anthology with stories from Claire Delacroix, Lynn Kurland, Sharon Shinn, and me (my story, A Gift of Wings, is set in Meduse*, although it has no other connection with the Doctrine of Labyrinths): $20

  • 1 copy of Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries #7 (first publication of "The Inheritance of Barnabas Wilcox"): $5
  • 1 copy of All Hallows 35 (February 2004) (first publication of "Bringing Helena Back"): $10
  • 1 copy of All Hallows 41 (February 2006) (first publication of "Drowning Palmer"): $10
  • 10 copies of the first edition of The Bone Key (you should know, if you're thinking of buying it, that The Bone Key is going to be rereleased later this year, with story notes, a new introduction, and a new cover): $15 per copy

I also want to do a limited edition chapbook of the four uncollected Booth stories: "The Replacement," "The World Without Sleep," "White Charles," "The Yellow Dressing Gown." Working title is Unnatural Creatures. Price will be $20, although in this one instance, not ALL proceeds will go to the Companion Animal Fund, as some will have to go to production costs. But I will not take a cut.

By "limited edition," I mean a print run of 50. If you would be interested, please comment here, so that I can make a guess as to whether it's worth doing. And if more than 50 people indicate interest, I will consider making it a print run of 100 instead. Unnatural Creatures will be on sale from 02/02 2:00 P.M. CST to 02/03 2:00 P.M. CST. This will be a "speak now or forever hold your peace" kind of deal.

  • 5 copies of A Companion to Wolves (hardback): $25 per copy
  • 5 copies of A Companion to Wolves (paperback): $7 per copy

  • 10 sets of the Doctrine of Labyrinths in paperback: $35 per set
  • 2 copies of Mélusine (hardback): $30 per copy
  • 3 copies of The Virtu (hardback): $30 per copy
  • 2 copies of The Mirador (hardback): $30 per copy
  • 3 copies of Corambis (hardback): $30 per copy

And I will auction off my last set of the Doctrine of Labyrinths in hardback. Starting bid will be $100.

All items will be signed. They will be personalized at the discretion of the buyer. I will ship anywhere in the world.

The sale and auction will start on February 2, 2011, at two o'clock P.M. Central Standard Time. The auction will run until two o'clock P.M. CST, February 3, 2011. The sale will run until either everything's gone or it's obvious people are done buying. All payments will be made via PayPal, and there will also be a button for those who don't want or can't afford to buy anything, but who would still like to make a donation.

Have I forgotten anything? Have a question? Please leave a comment!

*Meduse is my name for the world of the Doctrine of Labyrinths.
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I debated back and forth with myself whether I was going to make a post reminding people about my award-eligible fiction from 2010, but then I realized what a short post it would be, so the hell with it.

I published exactly one thing in 2010: "After the Dragon."



Dec. 24th, 2010 05:41 pm
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"The Devil in Gaylord's Creek," the heartwarming story of a dead girl and her sword, to Fantasy Magazine.


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