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Due South 4.2, "Easy Money"
Original air date: September 30, 1998
Favorite quote:
RAY: How'd he beat us?
FRASER: Well, he must have taken a short cut.
RAY: He knows short cuts?
FRASER: Well he does study maps.
RAY: What kind of maps?
FRASER: Road maps, street maps, topographic maps . . .

Everything I hate in one bowl. )
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"Dr. Longball" (DS 4.1)
Original air date:
Favorite quote:
RAY: Hey, y'know what they call third base?
FRASER: The hot plate?
RAY: No, the hot corner. You know why they call it that?
FRASER: I've no idea.
RAY: Well neither do I, but it does not sound good.
[Ray turns to go]
[Ray turns and Fraser throws him his glove. He drops it.]
FRASER: Oh dear.

It's taken me almost two years to get from the end of Season 3 to the beginning of Season 4. I apologize. Partly, this long hiatus has been due to excessively exciting health problems; partly it's been due to the fact that Season 4 is my favorite season, and it's a lot harder to analyze something you love than it is to analyze something you like a lot. And, you know, once I finish writing up the thirteen episodes of Season 4, we're done. There is no more Due South.

So fair warning: my love for Season 4 is unreasonable. I don't love every episode equally, but two of my three favorite Due South episodes are Season 4 ("The Ladies' Man" and "Say Amen"--the third of my favorite episodes, for anyone who's curious, is "A Hawk and a Handsaw"), and in general, really, I love Season 4 more than is good for me.

And a reminder: this is an Equal Love For Rays zone. If you want to talk about how much you hate Ray Kowalski, please do it somewhere else.

Okay. On with the show!

ObDisclaimer: (1) Spoilers.
(2) I'm using this transcript site, to which I am very grateful

Did you grow up in a public service announcement? )
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"Mountie on the Bounty, Part II" (DS 3.13)
Original air date: March 22, 1998
Favorite quote:
RAY: C'mon! I don't like this. They've got a big metal ship, we got this little wooden boat.
SGT. THORN: We have the advantage of surprise!
RAY: But they can see us coming!
FRASER: Ray, imagine yourself at sea. Suddenly you find yourself set upon by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Chicago Police Department in a vessel that is a replica of the H.M.S. Bounty. Wouldn't you be surprised?
RAY: Depends.
FRASER: Depends on what?
RAY: If I could see it coming!

Bloom, close, kick 'em in the head. )
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"Mountie on the Bounty, Part I" (DS 3.12)
Original air date: March 15, 1998
Favorite quote:
FRASER: Gentlemen! There's something I'd like to get off my chest.
CREW MEMBER: What's that?
FRASER: [bursts into song]

I am using this transcript for quotations, again modifying spelling and punctuation as necessary. I am very grateful to this site for making the transcripts available.


Well, what does the squirrel do? )
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"Asylum" (DS 3.11)
Original air date: November 16, 1997
Favorite quote:
ROBERT FRASER: Close the door, son. Anyone would think you were born in a barn.


FRASER: You know, I once spent thirteen hours hanging like this underneath a suspension bridge with a mountain cat swiping at me from above. She tore my lanyard, ripped my epaulet . . .
RAY: And what happened?
FRASER: Well, fortunately the nuns at Fort McLeod practiced invisible mending.


Although generally the quotes I use from episodes are my own transcriptions, in this write-up--in the interests of doing the write-up, rather than bogging down yet again over minutiae--I have used this transcript site, modifying the punctuation, and occasionally spelling, to suit myself.

It's a concoction I made from the mucus membrane of a pregnant. . .  )
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"Perfect Strangers" (DS 3.10)
Original air date: November 30, 1997
Favorite quote:
RAY: Okay, so a stewardess in Canada--
FRASER: Flight attendant.
RAY: A waitress in the sky in Canada is killed. Her pin shows up in the hand of a loser like Sonny on the South Side of Chicago in this dump? What is the deal?
WELSH: Well, that's why we have detectives, Detective. You are going to figure out that troublesome problem for us.
RAY: Oh.

(Did Paul Gross have a cold when they were shooting this episode? He doesn't sound like himself at all.)


It's clean. Too clean. )
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"Dead Guy Running" (DS 3.9 or DS 3.11, depending on how you order them)
Original air date: January 4, 1998
Favorite quote:
STANLEY SMITH: I ain't got to stay in no room with no dead guy, all right? This is cruel and unusual punishment, okay? This is America, and I know my rights.
RAY: Oh, they always know their rights. How about the rights of the guy with the Mercedes?
STANLEY SMITH: He don't need no rights. He got a Mercedes.


Some dead people are not exciting. )
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"Spy vs. Spy" (DS 3.8)
Original air date: November 2, 1997
Favorite quote:
RAY: I hate this part. I really hate this part.
FRASER: It's all part of life, Ray.
RAY: Look, don't tell me it's a part of life, Fraser. I know it's a part of life. It's the worst part.
FRASER: You know, eternity waits for us all, Ray, and in the knowledge that there's something larger than ourselves, I find a certain peace.
RAY: You lick anything, I mean anything, I'm gone.
FRASER: Understood.


The turtle and the wolf are natural enemies, Fraser. )
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"Mountie and Soul" (DS 3.7)
Original airdate: Oct. 26, 1997
Favorite quote:
DEVLIN: [to Fraser] Where're you from?
RAY: [hastily] This is Constable Benton Fraser, he first came to Chicago on the killers of his father, he's Canadian, you don't wanna know. Bare-knuckle fighter.
FRASER: Ah, no, Ray, I only wrestled bears.


RAY: Was that like a good "hmm" or a bad "hmm"?
FRASER: It was like a soy sauce "hmm."


It's the live ones that make me squeamish. )
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"The Bounty Hunter" (DS 1.6)
Original airdate: October 19, 1997
Favorite quote:
FRASER: [on the phone] . . . No, I think you should sit down with your wife, I think you should talk to her, and I think you should listen to her. . . . No, no, no, no, no. Henry, I am not suggesting that your wife is always right, but in this case she may well be . . . Yes. . . . Well, yes, I do believe that a three-sixteenths ratchet head wrench is exactly what's called for.


Bobby Orr slept here once. And k. d. lang. But not at the same time, for obvious reasons. )
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For those of you in the (perhaps vanishingly small) overlap in the Venn diagram between Due South watchers and Peter Straub readers, would Callum Keith Rennie not make the perfect Conor Linklater?
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: bfrk-argument)
"Seeing Is Believing" (DS 3.5)
Original air date: October 12, 1997
Favorite quote:
WELSH: Let's give it a shot
FRASER: Ah. Well, good. Sir, if you'd be so--
WELSH: No, no, no. Use it on him. [pointing at Ray]
RAY: No! I'd love to, Fraser, but, um, I got bad eyes.
FRANNIE: Oh, okay! Do it on me!
FRASER: Francesca, you weren't there.
FRANNIE: Oh. Well, does that matter?
FRASER: Oddly, yes.


Recite the administration manual. )
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: 3 2 1)
"Strange Bedfellows" (DS 3.4)
Original air date: October 5, 1997
Favorite quote:
FRASER: Chainsaw.
RAY: Massacre.
FRASER: Closet.
RAY: What kind of question's that?


of all the wrong moments for a visit, this is the wrongest )
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: 3 2 1)
"I Coulda Been a Defendant" (DS 3.3)
Original air date: September 28, 1997
Favorite quote:
RAY: Oh come on, Fraser, we don't really have to sleep on the floor, do we?
RAY: Look, I do this, I want a badge. A Tuck In On The Floor, I Hurt My Back Badge.
FRASER: I'll get you one.
RAY: Okay.


Polite cop, bad cop. It might work )
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"Eclipse" (DS 3.2)
Original air date: September 21, 1997
Favorite quote:
RAY: [theatrically overcome with grief] Mom, I'm so sorry! I just wanted to see your face one last time!
[Ray wrenches the casket open]
JIMMY: Hey, you can't do that!
RAY: Mom, how you've changed. Into Cuban cigars.


After seventy-two hours, the smell of a caribou carcass is almost hallucinogenic. )
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"Burning Down the House" (DS 3.1)
Original air date: September 14, 1997
Favorite quote:
RAY: Fraser! Buddy! You have a good time up there in the Northwest Areas?
FRASER: Territories, you mean?
RAY: Wilderness, huh? Exactly. Me personally, I leave the city, I come down with this skin condition. Janie! Given any thought to Friday night? Be a great first date--Crystal Ballroom, the band, martinis, me--
JANIE: My dog has a foot fungus that needs some attention.
RAY: All right. [to Fraser] Is there a karmic chi love thing happening there or what?


FRASER: I imagine, sir, that you would like something resembling an explanation.
THATCHER: That would be a good idea, Fraser, because at this particular moment, I can assume only one of two things. Either you are mentally unhinged or you object on principle to interior designers.
FRASER: No, sir. I only objected to his smell.


Pedestrians may be afoot. )
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: dual-ray)
(I've been waiting for months to use that pun.)

Spoilers for basically all of Due South )
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: chicago)
"Flashback" (DS 2.18)
Original air date: May 31, 1996
Favorite quote:
RAY: You sure you're okay?
FRASER: Who the hell are you?
RAY: Stop kidding around. You know damn well who I am.
FRASER: Who the hell am I?
RAY: Oh dear.

I live like this? Am I being punished? )
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"Red, White, or Blue" (DS 2.17)
Original air date: May 16, 1996
Favorite quote:
FRANCIS BOLT: You recall the games we used to play in Uncle Jimmy's mortuary?
RANDAL BOLT: Those weren't games, Francis. You pickled my dogs.
FRANCIS: Let the dogs go, Randal.
RANDAL: [weeping] They weren't dead.
FRANCIS: Let them go, I say.


RAY: "So what's the Mountie like?" He's Superman, all right? What d'you expect me to say, he's a moron? He dresses up in that damn red suit every single day of his life like a signpost--
FRASER: Oh, come on, Ray, that's not fair. I don't wear it all the time. The truth is, there are times I wish I didn't have to wear it. The thing itches. It itches three hundred and sixty-five days of the year--unless of course it's a leap year, in which case it itches three hundred and sixty-six days--but the point is, I don't wear it intentionally. It's part of my obligations.
RAY: We are not talking about clothes here, Fraser, okay? We're talking about you. The most irritating man in the world.
FRASER: Ray, I know I irritate you. But you have to believe me, I'm not trying to irritate you. It's not part of some sort of master plan.

This isn't a rattlesnake, this is plastic explosives. )
truepenny: artist's rendering of Sidneyia inexpectans (ds: 3 2 1)
"The Duel" (DS 2.16)
Original air date: May 2, 1996
Favorite quote:
FRASER: Your assessment.
RAY: This sucks.
FRASER: That's valid.

Spoilers. In particular, among episodes I haven't gotten to yet, "Ladies' Man" and "Burning Down the House."

All suspects are guilty of something. )


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