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1. The Mirador is going out of print in paperback. It's still in print in hardback, though.

2. I have an essay forthcoming in Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them, edited by Lynne M. Thomas (co-editor of Chicks Dig Time Lords and a.k.a. [ profile] rarelylynne) and Deborah Stanish. My essay is tentatively titled "The Kindness of Monsters."

3. Also, if I forgot to say, "White Charles" will be reprinted in The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, edited by Paula Guran.

4. Speaking of reprints, "After the Dragon" will be reprinted in Breaking Waves: An Anthology for Gulf Coast Relief, edited by Tiffany Trent and Phyllis Irene Radford.

5. And .mp3 files of Drabblecast's production of "Mongoose" are available: Part 1 and Part 2.
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Today, I am full of virtupitude. It is not yet noon, and I have already gone to the bank, the post office, the FedEx outpost, and the pet supply store, PLUS caught Quicken up to date and stared with opprobrium at the mmpb page proofs of The Mirador which the FedEx ninjas brought me.

If anybody's noticed a typo, please leave a comment.

Yesterday, the Post Office ninjas brought me a CueCat from LibraryThing. And I neutered it myself. Despite this amateur hardware hacking, it works like a dream. Expect my LibraryThing catalogue to expand by leaps and bounds.

(N.b., since I feel like I should say it somewhere: I don't use any of LibraryThing's more social functions. Just the books, ma'am.)

Books read recently:
The Order of the Death's Head
The Architect of Genocide
Flora Segunda
Disapproving Rabbits
Now We Are Sick
The Wee Free Men

Currently reading:
The Demon and the City
Talking to the Dead
The I Ching

So any number of people are talking about first novels (and Jay has a poll!), and I figure I can play along with that game.

Novel -3 (as in, I thought of it as a novel at the time, although it was probably something like 8,000 words max): The Pendant Quest. This is the one I wrote when I was twelve. It's the Belgariad with the serial numbers insufficiently filed off crossed with, um, A Little Princess. Which tells you exactly what I was reading when I was twelve. I finished it, submitted it to a local children's writing contest, and took second place.

Novel -2: High Priestess of the Timeless Gods (N.b., my complete suckitude at titles started young.) Same as -3 except substitute The Tombs of Atuan for the Belgariad and Dragonsong for A Little Princess. And I was fourteen.

Novel -1: Demon's Rat. This one is almost a real novel, about 40k. The adventures of a gigantic rat constructed by a trapped demon. There's also elves and minotaurs and Hell's voicemail system. It's completely cracktastic, but I feel relatively confident in saying that it's all mine.

Novel 0: The Fourth King. Urban fantasy. I wrote this novel my senior year of high school as, basically, an independent study. 97k. Here's where the unlikeable borderline sociopathic protagonist first shows up. Also the trauma and the angst. Also some rather unpleasant misogyny issues (two female characters, one of whom is the villain and the other of whom is a gold-plated bitch). I submitted this one to Tor and got a very nice rejection letter. Subsequently, I have discovered that not only do I hate all of the secondary characters, but also that the book does not work. It has bad parareality problems. "Write what you know" is problematic advice at best, but this one falls into the "don't write what you don't know" category. I didn't know the first thing about what I was writing about, and it shows. Excruciatingly. There are bits and pieces of it that actually seem to belong in a different book, and that book may get written someday. We'll see.

Novel 1: [Mélusine & The Virtu]. I've told this story before; my first two books started off as one book. That's the book that got me representation.

Novel 2: The Mirador. I wrote it while waiting for my eventual agent (who is not my current agent for reasons which, as Fraser says, do not need exploring at this juncture, because they're both complicated and actually not interesting--no drama here) to respond.

Novel 3: Mélusine. A year later, having gotten some nice rejections on Novel 1, my then-agent suggested I might want to take a look at it and see if there was anything I wanted to change. I started a white-page rewrite. Mélusine is longer than the original novel and has about half the material. This is the first novel I sold.

Novel 4: The Virtu. Ditto. I got the contract for the first two Doctrine of Labyrinths books while working on this one.

Novel 2 revisited: The Mirador got extensively revised after it sold, including an entire new subplot.

Novel 5: Corambis. First novel I wrote, ground up, after selling it. Which has been a learning experience and then some.

The foregoing is only talking about novels that actually got finished. There are several failed novels between -1 and 0, and at least one between 0 and 1. There are currently two half-finished novels, Cormorant Child and The Emperor of the Elflands, one of which is, so help me blue fuzzy thing, going to be Novel 6.

Also conspicuously absent from this discussion are my short stories, but I didn't start writing those successfully until after I'd finished Novel 1 anyway. I wanted to be a novelist from the get-go.
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[ profile] joonscribble, [ profile] exlibris76, and [ profile] rivkat are all, to varying degrees, underwhelmed by The Bone Key.

[ profile] oursin, on the other hand, says very nice things.

On the other other hand, The Mirador made OF Blog of the Fallen's Best of 2007 Countdown, and [ profile] muneraven has a lovely post about introducing people you love to things that you love and having them click. It is purest lagniappe that the primary example used is A Companion to Wolves.
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Dear Mole:
When coming up with character names, please remember that there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Twenty-five of them are not M.

Reviews. One of A Companion to Wolves, and two (here and here) of The Mirador. I have no sense any longer of what's spoilery and what's not, so click at your own discretion.

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.

(Via [ profile] brisingamen, who got to the Giant Rat of Sumatra joke first.)
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If you want to know what a sf convention looks like from an editor's point of view, Jessica Wade has blogged WFC (including a shot of the Bear and Mole Traveling Show).

There's an interview with me in The Capital Times.

And have a couple blog posts about The Mirador.

But lest you think my ego is swelling beyond the bounds of my hat, here is a most displeased review of Mélusine, and here is another entry in the One Sentence Diss competition: The name is the coolest part of this book.


Nov. 7th, 2007 12:10 pm
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Um, yes, I am back from WFC. I had a fabulous time, almost none of which I actually remember. Three nights of five-or-less hours of sleep is almost definitional FAIL for Mole's higher cognitive functions. (Nine hours seems to be optimum, but is also incompatible with a con.) Perhaps if you have memories of me from this weekend, you could comment with them here?

[ profile] rivka is getting miscued by The Mirador. spoiler ) Sorry about that!

I was rather startled to come home and find all these reviews scattered about the intarwebs.
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(I'm really sorry. It's just, there is no brain here. All there is is ego-Googling.)

Fantasy Book Critic reviews A Companion to Wolves.

FerretBrain reviews The Virtu.

sillybean has quick reviews of me and Bear and me-and-Bear.
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--FerretBrain enjoyed Mélusine more than they meant to. (Have I posted that link before? Mind like a steel wossname.)

--The Dragon Page is unimpressed by The Mirador.

--Curled Up with a Good Book reviews Best New Romantic Fantasy and likes "A Light in Troy."

--[ profile] temporus has a lovely review of A Companion to Wolves.

--The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards have been announced. The Virtu made the Short List. As did Carnival. Vellum won--congratulations, Hal!
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The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet is out; Badd Karma has a short interview with Gavin Grant.

Terri Windling reviews So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction.

Phoenix Rising reviews Mélusine. I have to admit, the reviews that notice the intellectual stuff I'm trying to do make me happy. Largely, I suspect, because they reassure me that all that stuff is actually there, and I'm not just a poseur (poseuse?) deluding myself about my own genius. Which isn't to say I'm not a poseur deluding myself about my own genius, but at least the delusion is one further step out from crayon scribbles on wide-ruled notebook paper, if you know what I mean. Tiddely-pom.

Sara ex machina proposes appropriating one of my made-up words. My response is, w00t!

Among many other opinions about books, [ profile] mrissa says I am mean mean mean for [spoiler] in The Mirador. Which, you know, fair cop.
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The second half of the interview is up at OF Blog of the Fallen.

Also, the associated review of The Mirador.
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Locus is underwhelmed (review not online): "While The Mirador is about the same length as The Virtu, it moves more slowly because of this determined emphasis on interior lives and personal demons, with the larger scenario only coming into focus very late in the game. . . . in their third adventure, Felix and Mildmay didn't learn Imriel's lesson [i.e. Kushiel's Justice, the review just prior]--they spend a little too much time navel-gazing before the real action can begin."

Gavin Grant, over at BookPage (scroll down), is sort of moderately whelmed.

Poodlerat likes it, though.

The Mirador

Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:27 pm
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Alert readers report sightings of The Mirador in the wild. (Unless you are Harry Potter, bookstores tend to be a little laissez-faire about release dates. So this is delightful, but not surprising.)
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Happy 7-7-7!

Chapter Four of The Mirador is up (with plain-text as usual). The book comes out on August 7.

(Also, Amazon's got the PW review up. (As does, it turns out, PW their own selves.) Just in case anybody was wondering about it.)



Jun. 25th, 2007 06:31 pm
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I woke up at six-thirty this morning from a dream about a hideous yellow dressing gown and promptly started writing the first Kyle Murchison Booth story I've written in months.

Twelve hours and three thousand words later, I have a completed draft. Entitled, appropriately enough, "The Yellow Dressing Gown."

This is not even remotely what I was supposed to be doing today, but you know, it feels good.

And I have the whole evening for the work I'm supposed to be doing. We'll see how it goes.

Publishers Weekly reviews The Mirador this week, and says very nice things about it. This makes up for the fact that someone on Amazon has tagged The Mirador as "bad writing" (me and Laurell K. Hamilton all the way, baby). Mélusine has similarly been tagged "awful book." The Virtu, conversely, has been tagged "perfection." Which sums up in a nutshell why I try to pay as little attention to Amazon as possible.
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If you are a reviewer, and you have emailed to request an ARC of The Mirador from me (I know there are at least two of you), could you do me the inestimable kindness of emailing me again? (Assuming you (a.) haven't already gotten one somehow and (b.) still want one.)

labyrinthine AT sarahmonette DOT com

Because now that I know what to do about your request, I have forgotten who you are.

Mind like a steel wossname, ladies and gentlemen.
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Added 175 words to Chapter 12, in the finest tradition of the feline I meant to do that.

And a handful of reviews:

The MIT Science Fiction Society's review of Mélusine and The Virtu.

Poodlerat on Mélusine and The Virtu. (Poodlerat reads fast!)

[ profile] dreamyraven really likes the Introduction to Mélusine.

As does, serendipitously enough, [ profile] kate_nepveu. (Review of both Mélusine and The Virtu.)

[ profile] selectedreading reviews Mélusine and then reviews reviews of Mélusine. (I'm not linking because I agree or disagree, but just because I love the fact that somebody's doing the metawork.)

And, on The Mirador front, Harriet strikes again.

(Good god, I've got a Wikipedia entry. Which is incorrect. Oooooops.)
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Chapter Three is up (and in plain text, too).
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An early review (scroll down or use that handy ctrl+F).
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The winning bid is [ profile] bright_forever with $175.

A million million thank yous to everyone who bid, and [ profile] bright_forever, email me at labyrinthine AT sarahmonette DOT com with the nitty-gritty details.


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