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Timeline, intertwined, of two uncaught Victorian serial killers

This is for me, as a research tool. But if you're interested, hey, it's also for you.

Sugden, Philip. The Complete History of Jack the Ripper. London: Constable & Robinson, 1994.
Trow, M. J. The Thames Torso Murders. Barnsley: Wharncliffe-Pen & Sword Books, 2011.

Also, this useful map by flickr user Septic Blue.

1. Trow is a sloppy researcher, but the only other book on the Thames Torso Murders, The Thames Torso Murders of Victorian London by R. Michael Gordon, I (a) haven't laid my hands on yet and (b) am dubious about because Gordon is arguing that Jack the Ripper and the Thames Torso Murderer are the same person, which I think is manifestly nonsense.
2. Only one of the Thames Torso Murderer's victims was ever identified. I've numbered the others, although it should be noted that (3) might actually be (3) and (4), if the Mornington Crescent bones do not belong to the Tottenham Court Road body parts, for a total of 8 Thames Torso victims, rather than 7.
3. Because there is such debate about which and how many women murdered in Whitechapel and environs between 1887 and 1889 were the victims of the same man, I'm including all of the possibles, even Emma Elizabeth Smith, who was not murdered by Jack the Ripper. At the time, however, the press and the police thought she was part of the pattern.

JTR = Jack the Ripper
TTM = Thames Torso Murderer

1873 SEP 05 (Friday) TTM (1) "left quarter" of a woman's torso found in Battersea
1873 SEP 06 (Saturday) TTM (1) right breast found at Vauxhall Bridge
1873 SEP 07 (Sunday) TTM (1) right thigh found at Woolwich; right shoulder & part of right arm found at Greenwich; woman's face and scalp found at West India Docks, Limehouse
1873 SEP 08 (Monday) TTM (1) thigh found at Blackwell Point; thigh found near Woolwich Dockyard wall
1873 SEP 09 (Tuesday) TTM (1) pelvis found (at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich?); arm, without hand, found at Albert Bridge; leg seen off Woolwich Distillery
1873 SEP 10 (Wednesday) TTM (1) arm found at White Hart Docks
1873 SEP 11 (Thursday) TTM (1) foot found at Hammersmith Docks
1873 SEP ?? TTM (1) leg found off Eastern's Wharf
1874 JUN ?? TTM (2) Putney (apparently all the information Trow could find)
1884 SEP 25 TTM (3) bones of two feet and left arm and hand found in Mornington Crescent (may or may not belong to the body found in October)
1884 OCT 23 TTM (3) skull found in Alfred Mews, Tottenham Court Road; hair found in Alfred Mews; arm (tattooed with a rose) found in Bedford Square; body parts found in Fitzroy Square; other body parts also found at King's Cross
1887 MAY 11 TTM (4) lower torso found at Rainham
1887 JUN 05 TTM (4) thigh found at Temple Pier; upper torso at Battersea Pier
1887 JUN ?? TTM (4) "part of a human body" found, Waterloo Pier
1887 JUN ?? TTM (4) legs found in Regent's Canal
1888 APR 03 JTR Emma Elizabeth Smith, Osborn Street, Whitechapel
1888 AUG 07 JTR Martha Tabram, George Yard Buildings, Whitechapel
1888 AUG 31 JTR Polly Nichols, Buck's Row, Whitechapel
1888 SEP 08 JTR Annie Chapman, Hanbury Street, Spitalfields
1888 SEP 11 TTM (5) arm found at Deal Wharf
1888 SEP 30 JTR Liz Stride, Berner Street, St. George in the East
1888 SEP 30 JTR Kate Eddowes, Mitre Square, City of London
1888 OCT 02 TTM (5) torso found in the basements of Scotland Yard
1888 OCT 17 TTM (5) left leg found in the basements of Scotland Yard; left arm found in the basements of Scotland Yard
1888 NOV 09 JTR Mary Jane Kelly, Miller's Court, Spitalfields
1888 DEC 20 JTR Rose Mylett, Clarke's Yard, Poplar
1889 JUN 04 TTM Elizabeth Jackson, part of her body found in Horsleydown; thigh found in Battersea
1889 JUN 06 TTM Elizabeth Jackson, upper part of body found in Battersea Park (not in Thames); body parts found at Copington's Wharf; body parts found near Palace Wharf, Nine Elms; left leg found on foreshore near Wandsworth Bridge, Fulham
1889 JUN 07 TTM Elizabeth Jackson, "piece of flesh" found near Palace Wharf, Nine Elms; right leg found near West India Docks at Limehouse
1889 JUN 08 TTM Elizabeth Jackson, right arm found at Bankside, Southwark; lower torso found between Battersea Park Pier and Albert Suspension Bridge; body part found in shrubbery of Sir Percy Shelley's estate (this would be Percy Florence Shelley (1819-1889), son of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)
1889 JUL 17 JTR Alice McKenzie, Castle Alley, Whitechapel
1889 SEP 10 JTR/TTM (7) torso and both arms discovered in Pinchin Street, St. George's in the East (this torso was attributed to Jack the Ripper at the time, but it clearly belongs to the Thames Torso Murderer)
1891 FEB 13 JTR Frances Coles, Swallow Gardens, Whitechapel

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